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Why do Mums exaggerate their childrens illnesses?

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Why do Mums exaggerate their childrens illnesses?

Post by tweets2010 on Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:31 pm

This is one thing that really bugs me. I know of several people who either exaggerate their child's illness or they make it up for attention. I genuinely believe some love the attention of having everyone say aww hope you and little Billy Bob (made up lol) are ok. Blah blah blah. Of course they are ok, he's got a runny nose and is running around like a lunatic without a care in the world. The type of Mother who does this is usually the same type that a re constantly "ill" themselves, yawn!!!

In some cases this can be quite serious. I know of someone who got a diagnosis for their child and from that moment on they used it every day to say well my kids has this, I need help with that because...... Having been close around someone who did this, I found it disgusting and had to get away from them. Never did this child show any of the signs of what was being said, even the school had said as much. Whilst I think he may have had a mild form of it, I only ever witnessed normal child tantrums which were of course excused as something else.

Feel free to add your own experiances.

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